Adulting Sucks… Especially when Apocalyptic Hail falls from the sky: A Random Ramble


I’m really  over this whole being an adult thing…. Naps are frowned upon, you have to pay for everything, ‘I’m hungry’ is no longer a good enough excuse for crabbiness, you gain weight a lot easier and lose it much harder, you have to deal with other adult humans way more often than when you were a kid, and somehow there’s a lot less kittens than I imagined there’d be. And when apocalyptic hail totals your car, shatters your windows,  and causes your roof to leak you can’t just cry and let someone else deal with it…. :/

Nope – you’ve got to put your big girl pants on, and call the insurance, pony up the deductible, clean up the broken glass, board up the broken windows and roof, and no amount of going to sleep and ignoring the problem will make it go away. I seem to remember that when I was a kid ignoring the problem long enough would always fix it! I had a big sister, and a mom and a dad and that’s a full three people you can pass the buck to before you gotta deal with sh*t yourself….

Yeah – those were the good old days; the days when I thought being a pirate, adventurer, or a crazy cat lady were the ultimate career goals. Back before I realized how hard it was to make money, keep money, just how much everything costs, and  also that modern day pirates are scary, and unless you are very very lucky no one’s paying you to be an adventurer or a crazy cat lady! Man! Whoever said ignorance is bliss wasn’t kidding!

Today I was actually productive – I managed to finalize my insurance claim, pay a few bills, buy my grandma a birthday card, and go to my job…. I think that’s about as good as anyone can expect…. If you need to find me I’ll be hiding in my pillow fort!


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