Too soon? Or is it ever ok?


9/11 is NOT a holiday. You can’t have 9/11 sales. You can’t use it for crass marketing gimmicks. You can’t put out insensitive tweets. Just don’t.

This is a bit of a reaction piece to the crass marketing examples in the above link. WHAT THE F#CK WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

I can only hope that the people who authorised these examples were too young to realize just what they’re exploiting. This is not ok guys! 9/11 is not a holiday,  it’s not an excuse to get out of work, or party, or sell more stuff. It’s a day of mourning for a national tragedy. It’s a day of memory of a dark day, a dark event, where hundreds sorry THOUSANDS of lives were needlessly cut short.  A day to remember that hate exists but so does love. To realize that some people are willing to die to end others lives but so many more are willing to die to save them. A day of heroes and villains. A day of mourning and rebuilding.

So because people are stupid and don’t seem to realize that some things are too sacred to exploit and make a mockery of….

List of things you should do on 9/11 to acknowledge the day:

  1. Hug your family
  2. Say a prayer
  3. Donate time or money to a charity
  4. Commit random acts of kindness
  5. Spend time with loved ones
  6. Attend a memorial service or visit a memorial
  7. Tell others they are loved
  8. Give blood
  9. Work at a food kitchen
  10. Read stories to your kids about heroes that save the day
  11. Walk a charity/memorial 5K/10K/Marathon

List of things you  should not under any circumstance be found doing on today of all days:

  1. Exploit a national tragedy to make a sale or garnish quick attention
  2. Campaign for your own agenda(or political agenda… same difference)
  3. Spew anger, hate, racism, homophobia, and bigotry in general
  4. Play the blame game

Stay classy, San Diego America!


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