Too soon? Or is it ever ok?


9/11 is NOT a holiday. You can’t have 9/11 sales. You can’t use it for crass marketing gimmicks. You can’t put out insensitive tweets. Just don’t.

This is a bit of a reaction piece to the crass marketing examples in the above link. WHAT THE F#CK WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

I can only hope that the people who authorised these examples were too young to realize just what they’re exploiting. This is not ok guys! 9/11 is not a holiday,  it’s not an excuse to get out of work, or party, or sell more stuff. It’s a day of mourning for a national tragedy. It’s a day of memory of a dark day, a dark event, where hundreds sorry THOUSANDS of lives were needlessly cut short.  A day to remember that hate exists but so does love. To realize that some people are willing to die to end others lives but so many more are willing to die to save them. A day of heroes and villains. A day of mourning and rebuilding.

So because people are stupid and don’t seem to realize that some things are too sacred to exploit and make a mockery of….

List of things you should do on 9/11 to acknowledge the day:

  1. Hug your family
  2. Say a prayer
  3. Donate time or money to a charity
  4. Commit random acts of kindness
  5. Spend time with loved ones
  6. Attend a memorial service or visit a memorial
  7. Tell others they are loved
  8. Give blood
  9. Work at a food kitchen
  10. Read stories to your kids about heroes that save the day
  11. Walk a charity/memorial 5K/10K/Marathon

List of things you  should not under any circumstance be found doing on today of all days:

  1. Exploit a national tragedy to make a sale or garnish quick attention
  2. Campaign for your own agenda(or political agenda… same difference)
  3. Spew anger, hate, racism, homophobia, and bigotry in general
  4. Play the blame game

Stay classy, San Diego America!


Here’s My Side:

I’ve seen a lot of friends posts lately saying that if you do or don’t support this or that then unfriend me. I’ve seen #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter and #BackTheBlue and #FeelTheBern and all of the other divisive hashtags going around and since everybody seems to care so much I figured I should spill the beans on who I support. 

I support love. 

I support life. 

I support cops.

I support minorities.

I denounce anyone who unnecessarily snuffs out life in any form whether it is in the form of unarmed black men dying at the hands of crooked cops or when it’s heroic cops in the hands of angry black men or even when it’s innocents through abortion or when it’s dogs at a dog fighting ring.

I believe all life exists for a reason and deserves to be loved and encouraged (except mosquitos – they deserve nothing).

I denounce hatred and bigotry and racism and sexism and homophobia and judging other groups by their worst individuals while judging your own by your best intentions.

I believe that we can find middle ground and love each other and get along even if we differ in race, religion, sexual preference, political views, and Pokemon teams.

If you want to argue religion with me first you need to follow Christ’s example. He didn’t turn his nose up at eating with or loving on or shaking hands with ANYBODY. Whether he agreed with their life choices or not; he loved them, not in spite of our differences but because of them. He taught us that only those who have never committed a sin would be allowed to judge those who did and then he showed us that we all sin.

I support YOU. No matter what, no provisions needed. I may not agree with you or love what you do but that doesn’t matter on a personal level and it’s not my place to judge.

You don’t have to unfriend me if you don’t agree, I think there’s space enough for all of us in this colorful world. No matter who you are or what you believe I want you to know that I love you and I believe that your life matters.


Love > Hate

On this dawning of a new week after last week’s violence across the country I have nothing to say. No soapbox moment, no agenda, no sermon, no politics… Let’s just stop tearing each other apart, love each other, and do something positive.



In the light of the recent, tragic, shocking, and heartbreaking events in Orlando I find myself reeling. When my girlfriends and I went out dancing in our early 20s we would usually patronize gay clubs. They were our safe haven in the world of nightclubs. A place that welcomed all regardless of religion, race, gender, or sexual preference. A place where you could be your weird self with pride, where I could safely dance with my girlfriends without strangers either leering or joining in unasked. A place nearly completely devoid of judgment, beyond the cattiness one should expect when one wears clothes out of style.

In this time of mourning, the day after 49 lives were needlessly ended, one thing rings true more than any other… We need more gun education. We need more gun knowledge. We need more self-defense classes. We need to stop leaving our fate in the hands of help that may never come. Continue reading “Orlando”

Adulting Sucks… Especially when Apocalyptic Hail falls from the sky: A Random Ramble


I’m really  over this whole being an adult thing…. Naps are frowned upon, you have to pay for everything, ‘I’m hungry’ is no longer a good enough excuse for crabbiness, you gain weight a lot easier and lose it much harder, you have to deal with other adult humans way more often than when you were a kid, and somehow there’s a lot less kittens than I imagined there’d be. And when apocalyptic hail totals your car, shatters your windows,  and causes your roof to leak you can’t just cry and let someone else deal with it…. Continue reading “Adulting Sucks… Especially when Apocalyptic Hail falls from the sky: A Random Ramble”

10 Rules of Host Stand Etiquette:


I spent nearly a year as a hostess at a high class steak restaurant. In that brief time I learned a lot of the ins and outs of reservations and hosting and thought I might share some of it with you:

  1. Get a reservation!

                Try to remember that for busy nights (like Mothers Day, Valentines, New Years Eve, and Restaurant Week) popular restaurants will start accepting reservations as much as a year in advance so if you want to get in get a reservation as early as you possibly can! A good rule of thumb is to make the reservation as soon as you know the night and the approximate amount of guests then call the restaurant back at least a week in advance to confirm the exact time, and guest list.

  1. If you have a reservation show up on time with the proper amount of guests

                We will hold your table the longest we possibly can but doing so puts us at risk of incurring the wrath of both other patrons and the server assigned to your table the longer we wait. So when you finally do show up be courteous, apologetic, and generous with the tip. Also 5 people are not 4 people and 31 is not the same as 28. Continue reading “10 Rules of Host Stand Etiquette:”

How to piss off your waitress in 3 easy steps or less:


I like being a waitress, I really do. I enjoy the friendly small talk you and your family provide me with, I love delighting you by remembering your food preference and name when you step foot in my cafe. I will do my very best to make your day each and every time you walk in the door. That being said… There are a few customers that try my patience to such an extreme amount that I start to fully understand the TV show ‘Snapped’. I figured I’d do a little PSA on how to (or not to) piss off your server.

1. If I ask you how you are, I am being courteous and showing good customer service, I do not need a rant or a novel – one word answers are your friend in these cases. Also, If you reply with asking me how I am and my answer is ‘doin’ good’ do NOT, under any circumstances, correct me by answering  with ‘no superheros do good – you’re doing well’. I don’t have the patience for your smart ass attitude and actually, now that I’m thinking about it, just correcting my English or grammar in general is a no-no. You can correct my math if I’m off but I serve your food, I’m not an Ivy League professor and besides, in most cases the good that I’m doin’ is not bashing your head in for correcting me…. So technically I’m saving lives which I think qualifies as good… Don’t you? Continue reading “How to piss off your waitress in 3 easy steps or less:”