Who I am

Burgers, Bullets, and Gluten Free Beer…

My life is an ever-evolving adventure: I was born a Missionary Kid in Papua New Guinea, I was raised in fundamentalist cult, I briefly lived the life of dancing, drinking, cursing, party girl… And now?

I’m 29 and work part time as an internet ninja(more to come on that) and part time at a local burger joint. I found out I was allergic to gluten and lost a good 60 pounds, then I found out I could still have cheetos, tacos, and sour gummy worms and gained them all back again. My life is no longer free and easy with road trips and cocktails but got weighed down with bills, idiots, and regret. But now I have a good man and an anti-anxiety medication. In retrospect? My life’s still pretty damn good.


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